Project Design & Engineering

West Electronics, Inc. (WEI) has a multi-disciplined Engineering staff that, in conjunction with our Industry partners, can provide a variety of Engineering services and support. This allows WEI to perform OEM development of new projects, redesign and enhancement of existing products/systems, and be a value-adding component of teaming arrangements. Past accomplishments include a redesign (reducing complexity and component count) of the JSIDS alarm system and the OEM design effort for the current Fuel System Supply Point program. WEI also has the necessary background and experience needed for logistics, Technical Manual development, and customer support/liaison.


West Electronics, Inc (WEI) provides a wide range of labor intensive manufacturing services including component assembly, inspection, test, packaging, warehousing and shipping. WEI employees are specially trained and equipped to perform mechanical assembly of a wide range of petroleum and water transporation hardware, wire harnesses and cables, mechanical and electromechanical assemblies and more. WEI support functions include program and project management, procurement, inventory control, shipping and receiving, configuration management, quality control, manufacturing engineering and financial management. WEI facilities include over 50,000 square feet of manufacturing space that can be tailored to our customer’s custom requirements for efficient and logical production of component products.

System Integration

West Electronics, Inc. (WEI) specializes in assembling teams of industry experts to augment our own capabilities to perform a wide range of system integration functions.  WEI has proven capabilities on the Army’s Fuel System Supply Point Program (FSSP) and Early Entry Fluid Distribution System (E2FDS) program in bringing together experts in design and engineering, environmental and system test, component research, technical manuals and other logistics services, and other areas to successfully design, develop and deliver fuel delivery systems concepts. To support these programs WEI provides highly respected capabilities in the areas of program management, contract and subcontract management, cloud-based integrated configuration management, engineering and test, quality management and more.


The JSCU Alarm Control Unit (ACU) was developed by West Electronics, Inc. as a commercial equivalent for the military market. It is a form, fit, and functional replacement for the US Army P/N 13220E4085, ACU and, the units are interchangeable. The ACU was designed to meet the same qualification tests as the standard unit.

The standard unit was developed in the mid to late 1970’s and was fabricated using discrete components almost exclusively. The unit consisted of an Input Output terminal board assembly, a power supply, a Status Processor, and miscellaneous interconnect wiring and components. The unit was powered by 115 Volts AC and included an on board battery backup supply.

The Model JSCU was developed after the emergence of the Integrated Circuit (IC) and made use of IC’s wherever possible. This resulted in a reduction of metallic interconnect points and improvement in reliability. The Status Processor was reduced to a single Circuit Board, which included both test points and indicator lamps, which conform functionally to those of the original 13220E4085.

A new power supply was developed which is usable directly on both 115 and 220 VAC mains, either 50 or 60 Hertz. The battery backup capability functionality as the l 13220E4085.

West Electronics, Inc. estimates that the JSCU unit can be repaired in less than one hour if adequate spare assemblies are maintained. The repair technique recommended is by replacement of major assemblies. Defective components can then be repaired at the bench level or at the West Electronics, Inc. factory.

Due to the advanced design and assembly techniques the fabrication of the JSCU is less labor intensive and the production costs remain less than the original unit. In summary the JSCU is mounted in the same enclosure and is backward compatible with the 13220E4085 ACU for both mechanical installation and form, fit and function. The JSCU is compatible with previously installed wire bundles. To replace a standard unit with the JSCU it is merely necessary to disconnect the input wire bundle and re-connect to the JSCU. The input terminal boards are accessible in the same manner and are positioned similarly to the ACU.

Procurement Services

West Electronics Inc (WEI) has performed procurement services since 1995 under several different contracts.

Supported agencies include:

  • Immigration and Naturalization Service 1995-2005
  • Department of Justice 2004-2007
  • Department of Homeland Security 2004-2006

As a result of the contracts above, WEI supported the government’s need to ship multiple items from multiple vendors to multiple sites. WEI also performed and coordinated installation services at multiple sites. This coordination effort performed by West led to the successful implementation of several key government programs to implement and install wireless communication and computer systems for key events including the Olympics in 2004, the Superbowl in Jacksonville, Florida in 2005, Hurricane Katrina emergency communication services in 2006 as well as many other complex events requiring coordination.

WEI has the capabilities to provide high quality and complex procurement services at very competitive prices that will ensure the completion of your critical programs.